The major part of our research and developement is based on Finite Element Simulation using both commercial and in-hourse codes.

Our simulation competances are

We use the following commercial Finite Element softwares

For flow simulation:

Futhermore, the following scientific programming softwares are used

Video of the thermal field during FSW of aluminium.

Video of the air flow over a sportscar.

The following pictures show examples on simulation of stresses and deformation of loaded components:

Stress field in golf car frame.

Golf car frame

Stress field in trailing arm of golf car.

Golf car trailing arm

Stress field in center hub of 3 piece aluminium wheel.


Flow field in screw blood pump

Blood pump

Pressure field around sportscar solved with LBM - palabos

pressure field sportscar LBM palabos

Velocity field around sportscar solved with LBM - palabos

velocity field sportscar LBM palabos