Friction Stir Welding is a solid state joining process where the workpiece is joined using a rotating tool. The interaction between the workpiece and the tool generates heat due to plastic and frictional dissipation.

HBS Engineering can supply industrial partners or research institutions with know-how within the field of both manufacturing and design of friction stir welded components.

Pilot project or R&D projects can be carried out in our workshop or together at the clients facilities.


Friction stir welded plates in 7075 T6.

FSW plate

Friction stir sport weld af overlap steel plates.

FSSW steel

Friction stir welding machine based on a modified milling machine.

FSW Machine

Friction stir welding setup of 7075T6 plate.

FSW plate

Friction stir spot welding of steel plate

FSSW steel

Friction stir spot welding tool in PCBN (Poly Crystaline Boron Nitride) by Mega Stir Technologies.

FSW spotweld tool

Friction stir welding machine at Mega Stir Technologies, Utah, US.

FSW Machine Mega Stir

Video of Friction Stir Spot weld of Trip Steel performed at Mega Stir Technologies Utah, US.

Video of Friction Stir Spot weld performed on a modified milling machine.